About MSRC

Minnesota Swine Reproduction Center is a swine-specific veterinary consulting firm based in Northfield, MN.  Our clients are pork producers and as veterinarians we serve both the role of animal well-being advisor and also the important role of overseeing a key aspect of "One Health."  We safeguard and protect the wholesomeness of the food supply and through our education and professional activities lead the industry and our individual clients to progressively adapt to the needs of both stakeholders - pigs and people.   As a specialized industry, pork production is one of the finest examples of American success in agriculture.  We are proud to work with the many excellent farm families who are examples of excellence in livestock care and well-being and are examples of leadership in their communities, churches and our industry.
Our History
  • Started in 2007 (Dec) by Dr.Neil DeBuse

  • Northfield, MN based

  • Licensed in 10 states - most of the leading pork production states.

  • Member of American Association of Swine Veterinarians since 1990.

Our Philosophy
  • Provide the best options and insight for our clients.

  • Get to the "root cause" of the problem

  • Act with a strong "diagnostic approach" and look carefully at clinical and production-level issues with thoroughness and accuracy.

  • Support our decisions with science and experience.

Our Focus
  • Swine Reproduction and Health Improvement --> Client Success

  • Do it right, then find out how to be more efficient.  But do it right first.

  • Place the client's success - the herd - the animals and the people as our focus.

Minnesota Swine Reproduction Center has had an international impact from Netherlands and Germany to Vietnam and China - and in North America - Canada, Mexico and Central America.   Our expertise on swine reproduction and diseases and management related to this critical area of pork production has led to some projects in all of these countries and consultation with experts in other countries as well.  Our website will some be accessible in other languages and this flag count will help us direct our resources towards those countries with the closest ties to MSRC. and our consultants.