Delivering High-Impact Solutions

Minnesota Swine Reproduction Center, PC

Formally, Minnesota Swine Reproduction Center, PC was formed in 2018 and replaces the former limited liability company known since 2008 as Minnesota Swine Reproduction Center, LLC.

As a professional corporation, and as a veterinary consulting firm, the goals and objectives of Minnesota Swine Reproduction Center, PC have not changed since our inception in 2008.  Our goal is to provide sustainable results to all of our clients and to provide high impact solutions be solving problems effectively.

HIGH IMPACT SOLUTIONS are by definition those solutions which can be sustained by the client by being correct in technique and implementation.   For MSRC, effective use of killed PRRS virus vaccine technology, using highly prolific, high health genetics and using post-cervical artificial insemination effectively are the main focus points our group has been involved in since 2007 and before.    We look to continue to add strong bio-security strategy and implementation with the global concerns about African Swine Fever.  

Remember when we work with you as a client, we want your results to be sustainable eyond one month, one quarter or one year.  We look for opportunities to impact your