Report Capabilities

Below are some examples of the valuable reports that can be accessed easily using GF Pro Vision Software. 
Monitor Feed Budget Compliance

Do you know if your feeding program is being accurately implemented? The individual Group Feed Consumed Report will compare actual feed consumption to the budgeted amount in both pounds and dollars.

Monitor Pig Deaths Post Placement Patterns

The Post Placement Death Summary Report counts pig deaths by week from start date. The report can be filtered by company, location, or barn group. When patterns develop, intervention strategies can be designed to reduce mortality

Analyze Group Marketing

Are your market sales hitting the optimum spot in your packer’s price matrix? The Individual Group Sales Report will show how the entire group placed in the matrix.

Manage Scheduled Marketing to Optimize Revenue

Managing sales from several groups at once can be a challenge. The Marketing Management Report lines up sales by group of all barns in the process of being marketed. This report also lines up those scheduled to be sold in the near future based on projected fist sale date.

Group Biological Performance

Run the Individual Group Performance Report to see how your groups performed. You can include the performance data from the nursery phase in this report. Has your buyer stopped weighing pigs at the plant? Click a check box and your data will be calculated with carcass wt. instead. Evaluate this against an optimal closeout to determine Lost Opportunity costs. See Sale Statistics by load and overall Group Performance.

Tracking Drug Inventory

Do you need to get a better handle of drug costs? Are you following PQA Level III Guidelines? The Inventory Report will help you manage and document pharmaceutical use as well as see current inventory and expired drugs

Document Pharmaceutical Use By Group

The Group History Report documents all the events that occurred during the grow/finish period. It can serve as documentation for traceability and process verification.

Profit and Loss Reports

The profit and loss statement provides insight to the bottom line and allows you to analyze each groups profitability.

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