New Addition to MSRC Business Group

In September 2016, we formed a new subdivision to facilitate the diversification of Minnesota Swine Reproduction Center's business into a new area of interest - software for production information and analytical evaluation.  That entity is InSight Analytical Software, LLC.   In March 2017, InSight announced it had acquired the software program known as GF Pro Vision from Herdstar, the Mankato, MN based company that had developed the specialized program for tracking group performance in nursery and finishing areas.

Connecting Performance and Data....

GF Pro™ Vision has been developed in the center of USA Pork Production - the Iowa Southern Minnesota "hog belt".  Its greatest attributes is that it has been designed by pork producers for pork producers.  It is a cost effective and comprehensive records management software program which allows prodcers to make year over year performancbe improvement - objectively.   The current version has been modified and enhanced to give producers and their advisors insight into performance with direct and rapid access to the compiled information from historical and current groups, feed records, marketing records and health information.  The program is a tool focused to assist in maximizing the profitability of your operation.

GF Pro™ Vision will allow your ‘Next Generation’ middle managers and future leaders to focus on cost of production and throughput - two main drivers of the pork production operation.  It is a solution which brings simplicity, efficiency and practical business management information together for you, the pork producer, to effectively manage your operation. please click on the following link:  

  • Designed for integrated data collection

  • Real time and simplified data management

  • Reports for Marketing Analysis

  • SQL Database architecture

  • Import functions for packer data and feed order

  • Developed to comply with enhanced PQA Plus Program

  • Flexible for Individual Producer Customization

Web Based Program
  • Access your data from anywhere, on any device

  • Makes printing reports easy and fast.

  • Updated to Microsoft Azure platform

Easy to Import/Export Data
  • Importing feed and carcass data is hassle free

  • Allows mill and packer imports without requiring a specific download for each company.

  • Easy importing and exporting of feed invoices.

Powerful Reporting Capabilities
  • Powerful reporting capabilities.

  • Real-time summary information during data entry to avoid mistakes.

  • Feed budget compliance, tracking pharmaceutical use, and marketing management aids are just a few types of data that can be analyzed but this software.

Simple and Flexible
  • Easy to customize reports to fit your needs.

  • Simple and easy data entry, which requires little training.

  • The average user learns in less than the free 10 hours.

Efficiency in Time and Resources
  • Ease of entry
  • Transition from previous program or from scratch with ease
  • Minimal start up cost

  • Low maintenance and operational costs.