Professional Services

Pork production is an extremely specialized area of agriculture and requires a strong knowledge in both livestock husbandry and associated biological and veterinary principles.  Our veterinary services are geared toward prevention of problems - whether in health, production or reproduction.  Our team focuses on the individual operation or site and specific parameters that the producer wants or needs to change.

Swine Production and Health Services

  • Production and Health Consulting

  • Data Collection and Analysis

  • GF Pro Vision Services

  • Marketing and Throughput Analysis

  • Genetic Program Auditing and Development

  • Troubleshooting Disease impact on Throughput

  • Financial Evaluation and Projections

Health Consulting

MSRC provides consultation on health and production areas including:  herd health programs and disease prevention, disease control and elimination, traditional and "new" reproduction techniques, production efficiency and auditing or troubleshooting production results. We work through situations unique to your farm and its location in the world.  On farm, we treat both people and pigs with dignity and respect.

Production Consulting

MSRC provides weekly and monthly visits for production and health monitoring.  These visits take the form of 1) review of production records, 2) a herd visit, or site visit, with a review of key production and health parameters, diagnostic testing as needed and examination of the site, facilities and herd population and then 3) wrap up with the farm manager and/or owner or general manager.  Follow-up reporting on diagnostics or review of records is expected based on specific investigations done during the visit.

Reproduction Techniques
Reproduction Techniques

Reproduction, on-farm training and implementation of PCAI and low-dose semen production are two areas that MSRC excels in for clients across the USA and Canada. MSRC provides technical support as a "PCAI" expert for Innovative Reproduction Technology clients throughout North America.  Contact IRT here.

Data Analysis and Report 

MSRC provides analysis and consultation for larger projects in collaboration with other experts or directly via resources at MSRC. Total project costs are determined based on deliverables and specific client requirements.  We utilize a project overview and deliverables list to summarize the needs of a project and then work closely in a "high-impact consulting" approach with company leaders, internal experts and staff to accomplish the objectives.  Our focus is always on developing the necessary resources for sustainable results.

Training on-farm and classroom

With on-farm training, MSRC brings the classroom to your barn. Whether you are new or experienced in breeding procedures, we at MSRC believe learning is a life-long pursuit.  Allow our experts to bring the latest in reproductive technology to your farm with hands-on experience, and individualized protocols for breeding improvement. We recognize that working with our learners to understand the challenges of the job is the best way to create and initiate solutions.    

SRBLab (Advanced Reproduction)

MSRC has the expertise and equipment for detailed analysis of collected data or laboratory analysis of semen and other samples form farms where reproductive performance is diminished form previous or expected results.  Ask us for in depth analysis of the factors affecting litter size and fertility.  Challenge us with your concerns.  Our experience within the US and International swine industry provides the knowledge and roadmap to correct health and production related reproduction problems at herd and operation level.