MSRC develops new poly-valent autogenous vaccines to combat three newly emerging PRRS viruses.

Through diagnostic work with leading veterinary clinics and state diagnostic laboratories, in Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota, Minnesota Swine Reproduction Center, (MSRC), has isolated field viruses belonging to D7, D4b and S8 Groups (MJ Biologics).

The viruses, refered to in terms of a grouping system developed by MJ Biologics over 6 years ago, have been identifid in multiple locations in these and other midwest states. Viruses known ad D7, D4b and S8 Group viruses have been identified and characterized through virus isolation in the laboratory on specialized cell lines and later fingerprinted using ORF 5 genetic sequence and corresponding amino acid sequence. MJ Biologics Grouping system is based on unique characteristics of envelop glycoprotein on field isolates.

Combined prevalence of these three viruses have made a noted increase in over 2013 by more than 15%. Farms with these new strains are finding it difficult to control infection with existing commercially available vaccines. Veterinarians can contact Dr. Neil DeBuse at MSRC fo rmore information on diagnostics, outbreak investigation and management steps to combat these new PRRS virus infections.

These new vaccines hav been developed in conjunction with MVP Laboratories in Omaha, NE and MJ Biologics in Mankato, MN.


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