Advanced Swine Reproduction Evaluation

Minnesota Swine Reproduction Center, LLC is pleased to announce the full time operation of our new Swine Reproduction and Biotechnology Lab based out of our new location in Clive, IA. Clive provides a central location in Iowa at the junction of I-35 and I-80 for convenient and rapid access to semen delivery routes and to the Ames location of Iowa State University for further testing when it is required.

The lab offers now CASA evaluation of swine semen motility and morphology along with advanced methods for concentration determination and assessment of semen viability along with capabilities for advanced bacteriologic evaluation for contaminants and specialized analyses for genetic companies and product suppliers (semen and consumables) concerned about end-product quality.

If you are a sow farm / pork producer, genetic supplier, boar stud or a veterinarian with sow farm clients, give us a look as a new option in semen quality assessment and advanced semen evaluation techniques.

The SRBLab is focused and redesigned around making sure PCAI technology and semen doses produced with the intention to be used for PCAI are meeting criteria necessary to insure producer success.

Our CASA system - the Sperm Class Analyzer (SCA) form Microptic features many advancements for our lab that you wont find accessible elsewhere. We look forward to demonstrating to you our capabilities.

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