Is Mucosal Immunity what is missing in our fight against PRRS and SIV?

A new vaccine technology

Recently, a new technology for stimulating the immune system of piglets has been introduced in the United States. Aptimmune Biologics has introduced their autogenous vaccines using a new adjuvant, nano-partical technology for antigen presentation, and perhas most importantly a new route of administration for PRRS vaccines. The new product works via a two dose intra-nasal administered dose. Scientists at Aptimmune and research institutes where the company has been actively consulting industry experts believe the outcome is a novel vaccine with great potential. MSRC clients began testing the product in November and we hope to report back on advancements that this may represent in the coming 3-6 months as grops are passing through nursery and finishing. For more more information, the website of Aptimmune is a starting point (

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