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Minnesota Swine Reproduction Center, LLC  --  Veterinary Consultants

@MSRC, we work hard to identify problems, develop solutions and implement them to solve health and reproductive problems.  Our clients are Pork Producers.   When a problem arises that affects a farm or multiple farms, it important to act fast, but also to act conscientiously to do what is best for the pig, the farm and the farm operation.  It is possible to think and act responsibly for all three.    @MSRC we are proud to be part of an industry that is among America's absolute best.   Pork Producers are dedicated individuals that care about pigs - it is evident in the dedication and commitment shown for decades in developing habits which have propelled this amazing industry to a leading position in the world.   

I never believed in stating "excellence", just pursuing it with persistent energy.   If you contact us, please know that as we consult with you and other producers and their veterinarians, we will do so in a way to implement practical solutions with sustainable, long-lasting results.

Our specialty is reproduction and all things that impact reproduction. Through collaborative efforts between producers, industry associations, and veterinarians, we support the industry objective for the long-term elimination of Porcine Respiratory Reproductive Syndrome Virus from all US herds. We teach farms how to implement and optimize new reproductive technologies like post cervical artificial insemination.  We care. About pigs and the people who care for them as a profession.

Veterinary Services

In January 2016, MSRC added two new computer assisted semen analysis stations in our lab using the newest technolgy from Microptic, SL of Barcelona Spain.

The new equipment provides the ability to assess semen quality from boars collected at our clients facilities and to evaluate semen doses received in local client herds from a variety of genetic and boar stud sources.  Since January, an additional fluorescence module from Olympus was added for additional diagnostic capabilities.

Data Analysis